Recognition or Accreditation by competent Authorities

This program is intended to provide evaluation reports to any certification body (CB) seeking recognition from competent authorities.

Within the framework , the CAEQ monitors CBs through demonstrating either their equivalency or their compliance. By assessing and monitoring their certification program’s equivalency or compliance with the requirements of foreign authorities, the CAEQ can provide the required documents to obtain recognition from competent authorities in the following countries, in accordance with the scopes in parentheses:

  • Canada (Canada Organic Regime)
  • United States (due to the US-Canada Organic Equivalency Arrangement for products orginating from Canada or any foreign country)
  • European Union (due to the Canada-EU Organic Equivalency Arrangement or the Reg. EC 834/2007 for third countries)
  • Switzerland (due to the Canada-Switzerland Organic Equivalency Arrangement for canadian products)
  • Japan (due to the Canada-Japan Organic Equivalency Arrangement for canadian products)
  • Costa Rica (due to the Canada-Costa Rica Organic Equivalency Arrangement for canadian products)
  • Mexico (in relation with ISO 17065 requirements and Ley de productos organicos)
  • Québec (for Reserved Designations like PGI and organic)

The CAEQ accreditation program meets the requirements of ISO/IEC 17011 international standards. Not only is this compliance made mandatory by provincial regulations in Québec, but the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has confirmed it following an assessment of the CAEQ program.

What makes our services different

The CAEQ differs from other assessment or accreditation bodies as a result of its pragmatic approach, timely services and reasonable prices. Its objective is to build long-term relationships with all certification bodies that have joined its accreditation program.

Over and above its accreditation services, the CAEQ also provides services such as maintaining a certified product database, comparing standards for equivalency determination purposes, etc.

Using our service

The CAEQ provides an access code to the administrators of each body, allowing them to view a restricted certifier area on the CAEQ web site, where all the documents related to this  program are maintained.

Our program officers communicate with you using your primary email address. As such they can notify you about any instructions relative to new requirements from the competent authorities as well as activities to be undertaken by the CAEQ.

Benefits for certification bodies

  1. The organization can extend the scope of its activities with the same accreditation body at a reasonable cost.
  2. The organization will develop an understanding of the various aspects of foreign regulations and be in a position to provide accurate information to its clients.
  3. The certification body’s clients will be the first to benefit from a foreign authority recognition of the CB. From now the marketing of organic products can be directed towards this new market.
  4. Rapid recognition by foreign certification bodies authorities will most certainly translate into a competitive advantage.

Service charges

Transfert of accreditation, geographical extension for a new country, application for a new program, please consult our fee schedule.