FAQ • United States

Do COR certified products also have to be NOP certified to be accepted in the USA?

To be accepted throughout North America, COR-certified products do not need to be NOP certified, provided that they comply with the terms of the US-Canada organic equivalence arrangement and that certification documents indicate that they are “certified in accordance with the US-Canada organic equivalence arrangement.”

Are all products certified to COR accepted as organic products in the USA?

Products certified to the COR standards are not accepted as is in the USA. However they can be accepted on the USA market if they are accompanied with a document attesting that they comply with the terms of the US-Canada Equivalency Arrangement with the mention "Certified in compliance with the terms of the US-Canada Organic Equivalency Arrangement". Any certified product based on a certification scheme that comprises COS requirements plus the condition stipulated by the USDA: products derived from animals treated with antibiotics shall not be marketed as organic in the United States are accepted in the USA.