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Published on 19 Aug 2022

CAEQ joins IAF

The CAEQ is proud to announce its membership to the International Accreditation Forum (IAF).

The IAF is a prestigious international association of accreditation bodies and organizations interested in conformity assessment. The organization brings these stakeholders together to establish a common basis for conformity assessment practices across the globe. The goal is to reduce risk and help eliminate technical barriers to trade.

The IAF therefore establishes rules and guides for its members on how to manage audits or develop a uniform understanding and application of the requirements of international standards (ISO).

For the CAEQ team, this opportunity will only strengthen the organization’s reach. Joining the IAF not only allows us to exchange with our peers, but also to share best practices in the field of accreditation and auditing with Quebec and all our clients around the world,” explains Vincent Vilela, Director of Accreditation at the CAEQ.

For the President and CEO of CARTV, of which the CAEQ is a member, this membership heralds a promising future for the accreditation service, which has invested a great deal of energy in its development around the world in recent years. “Few people know that, thanks to the CAEQ, Quebec shines on the international scene in a field as important as accreditation. With our membership in the IAF, we have a first international recognition of our work. We are extremely proud of this,” says Marie-Josée Gouin. This is an important step for us to continue our development and to reinforce the credibility of the entire system of reserved designations in Quebec.